‘Sacks for the Future’ is a registered charity (Registered Charity No. 1175042) for the provision of a sack of items relating to the relief of poverty (personal and hygiene items) and/or the advancement of education (educational supplies).

Read about our completed and upcoming projects here!

A single project could be a handful of sacks or even 1,000’s of sacks (we have high hopes for the future!) We completed two amazing projects in 2017; #1 Educational supplies sacks for school children in Nepal; and #2 Relief of poverty sacks on the streets of London – you can find details of these on the link above.

Each sack will contain carefully thought through items uniquely selected per individual project. However, at a minimum we will endeavour to supply basic personal and hygiene items (for example – toothbrush, toothpaste, comb) and educational supplies (for example – pens and paper)

The bottom line is – we want to offer a little bit of hope, inspiration and compassion to those who need it the most.

We are excited to be in a position to help others and we know that others (like you, if you’re reading this) would like to help out too – in volunteering your time, ideas, items, money, skills or offering your prayers. See how to Get Involved

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The Trustees 🙂

For more about us, see our page – The Trustees

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